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DENON AV Receiver AVR-X7200WA

Satisfy your craving for exceptional home theater

Movies and music aren’t just background noise or ways to pass the time. They’re a passion for us. And when you experience them in a home theater powered by the Denon AVR-X7200WA, you’ll understand everything there is to be passionate about. The flagship receiver in Denon’s fleet helps you get the most out of audio and video sources, with  the latest surround formats, including Dolby Atmos®. If you’re looking to squeeze every last bit of excellence out of movies and music, this rock-solid receiver is up to the task.

Every component inside the ‘X7200WA is designed and placed to deliver stunning picture and sound quality in your home theater.

Dolby Atmos and DTS: X™ add a new dimension to sound

Dolby’s latest surround sound technology was designed to bring a new level of immersion to your home theater. By employing in-ceiling speakers or special Atmos enabled upward-firing speakers that reflect sound off your ceiling, Dolby Atmos offers a greater sense of space for sound that’s more three-dimensional. Already at work in film production studios and many movie theaters, Dolby Atmos represents a huge step in putting more “theater” into your home theater.

The AVR-X7200WA lets you add as many as four overhead or up-firing speakers (sometimes called “height” or “top” speakers) to a conventional surround-sound system. For instance, adding four height speakers to a 5.1-channel setup is referred to as a 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos setup. Here’s a breakdown of all the Dolby Atmos speaker configurations this receiver supports:

  • 7.1.2 – seven conventional surround speakers, one powered subwoofer, and two overhead or height speakers
  • 5.1.4 – five conventional surround speakers, one powered subwoofer, and four overhead or height speakers
  • 5.1.2 – five conventional surround speakers, one powered subwoofer, and two overhead or height speakers
  • 7.1.4 – seven conventional surround speakers, one powered subwoofer, and four overhead or height speakers (requires an external stereo power amp)

You can use one or two subwoofers with any of these configurations.

With a firmware update, this receiver also supports DTS:X surround sound, a new format which uses object-based processing similar to Dolby Atmos and overhead speakers for immersive home theater.

Wireless versatility for all your digital tunes

With all the various devices we use to play music these days, the hardest part can be playing them all through our home theater speakers. The AVR-X7200WA takes the mystery out of this process. Have a networked computer or music server?  Built-in Wi-Fi along with DLNA compatibility will place your entire collection at your fingertips. Have a tablet and smartphone? If it’s an Apple® device, AirPlay has you covered. If it’s Android™ or another platform, built-in Bluetooth will do the trick. Are you a subscriber to Spotify’s premium service? Access their entire library through the Spotify app and play it all back with this receiver. Plus, there’s Pandora, SiriusXM, and free Internet radio streams all accessible using this receiver on its own.

Due to changes implemented by Pandora, this receiver is temporarily unable to connect to the Pandora service. A firmware update to resolve this issue will be released on 10/21/2016.

Multi-zone audio/video playback

The free Denon Remote App turns your Apple or Android smartphone into a powerful Wi-Fi remote.

The ‘X7200WA’s nine-channel amplifier offers impressive multi-room versatility. You can play music from three different sources in up to three rooms at the same time. Its powerful processing allows you to select from digital or analog sources for stereo playback across three different zones, including HDMI sources in Zones 1 and 2. The Zone 2 HDMI output is great for watching different content on different TVs at the same time. There’s also a third HDMI output for use in your main zone — ideal for connecting both a TV and a projector.

Audyssey’s “Platinum” speaker calibration system

All home theater receivers have some form of automatic speaker calibration to ensure the best sound for your setup and room. The AVR-X7200WA takes this a few steps further with Audyssey’s Platinum suite of features. In addition to its advanced MultEQ® XT32 calibration, you also get DSX® capability for use with front wide or height speakers. Audyssey’s Dynamic EQ and Volume features help your system perform better at lower volume levels and minimize large volume fluctuations while watching TV or movies. And if you’re connecting two powered subwoofers, Sub EQ HT can optimize bass response by calibrating each sub independently for balanced low-frequency sound throughout the room.

Control it with your smartphone or tablet

Denon’s free Remote App can turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful Wi-Fi remote control. Download it on your Apple or Android device and use it to change sources, adjust the volume, control music in multiple zones, and listen to Internet and network music sources.

Home automation capabilities

Like all of Denon’s IN-Command receivers, the AVR-X7200WA offers useful home automation features. You can set up and operate the receiver with a computer over a wired or wireless home network via IP control. There’s an infrared input on the rear panel, for use with external remotes and control systems. And the AVR-X7200WA is certified for use with Control4 and Crestron home automation equipment.

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DENON AV Receiver AVR-X7200WA

DENON AV Receiver AVR-X7200WA

Designed to deliver the ultimate audio and video experience, the AVR-X7200WA is packed with the latest audio, video and networking technologies, ...

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